Really Group develops novel solutions to empower better life outcomes.

We are the odd angle, the unconventional, the moonshot. We are a collection of companies that were born to bridge the divide between what technology offers and it's potential to significantly better society. Our work centers on harnessing novel thinking to mould solutions that solve some of the world's most critical problems.


Designed to help individuals and families take healthcare into their own hands, PreMD passively monitors for various health‑risk factors to provide users with the necessary information they need to make proactive health choices.


We view our work in terms of collective advancement. As we provide support for those less fortunate, more and more people gain access to the resources they require to thrive. It's this vision that forms the foundation for the work we do. ‑ Upward and onward.


Really is developing the next generation of phenotypic screening solutions for healthcare. The system will objectively and non‑invasively measure brain health to earlier detect, monitor, and assess preclinical symptoms of neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological disorders like Alzheimer's.


Created to enhance clinical candidate vetting and monitoring. PhenX provides powerful, unbiased monitoring, enabling researchers to perform passive phenotypic and neuropsychological assessments, continuously; before, during, and after clinical trials.